Development of electrical and mechanical vibration technologies have allowed numerous problems to be overcome in relation to the proprieties of the materials necessary for a vast range of industrial processes. From construction to agriculture, the mining to plastic industry, there are dozens of fields of application where motovibrators have brought enormous benefits in process efficiency, productivity and safety.

OLI is involved in various industrial sectors which has allowed the company to gain useful experience and skills to meet the needs of various types of clients around the world, with excellent results in applications such as transport and supply of materials, filtering, drainage, drying, product dimensioning, tank emptying and much more besides.

The vast range of products, combined with particular attention to each client’s specific needs and decades of experience in the sector, are crucial factors which have consolidated OLI’s success on the global market.

Building & Construction

Concrete production, Asphalt plants, Silos manufactures for building & construction, Ceramics, Construction companies, Precast machinery


Power plants, biomass plant and processing

Environmental Technologies

Water treatment, solid waste reclycling (like rubber, plastic, glass, metal…), livestock breeding, manure treatment, filtration plants (dust filters, filter presses etc.), incinerators

Feed & Food

Milling, animal feed, dry food processing & packaging, fresh food processing, olive processing, wine and distillery processing, diary food, pasta and noodles processing

Heavy Industries

Quarry and mining, foundries and steel, glass processing, oil & gas extraction

Plants & Machinery

Silo and storage systems, machine shop and fabrication workshops, decoring (shake out), dosing and packaging plants. Batteries production, sand and shot blasting plants and equipments, wood and cork processing, tobacco processing, various machines & equipment

Plastics & Chemicals

Plastic processing, rubber processing, fertilizer, pesticide, insecticides processing, detergents, soap and cosmetic processing. Pharmaceutical processing, paint, varnish, resin processing