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10 minutes with the General Manager Marc Asensi

Marc Asensi OLI Spain

Are you planning training for future generations in the subsidiary?

Yes, training is a fundamental part of our process. We send new staff to Italy for 4 to 5 days of comprehensive training to understand how our systems function. While the most advanced technical training happens in Italy, the foundational training is also conducted here.

What is a typical day like within the company?

Our main focus is on serving the Spanish and Portuguese markets. We prioritize understanding and meeting the technical and commercial needs of our customers. This involves identifying their requirements, creating offers, ensuring product availability, preparing goods, and providing necessary services.

What is the biggest market for your products?

The most significant sectors for us are the food and construction industries. While we handle various sectors, these two remain pivotal. Our key products include motor vibrators and flow aids systems.

How do you envision the future of OLI Spain in the next two years?

Currently, we’re at a critical juncture with our capacity maxed out due to the limitations of our existing infrastructure. We plan to expand by acquiring more space and hiring additional staff. In two years, we aim to operate from a larger facility that can provide enhanced services to more customers.

How did you start your journey with OLI in Spain?

I began by introducing OLI products within the Wamgroup in Spain. After our initial training, we established the branch. Starting with just two employees, we have grown significantly over 16 years.

What are your main responsibilities as General Manager?

My role primarily involves commercial activities, managing the team, and overseeing everyday company operations. Our focus is largely on the commercial side of the business.

Do you face much competition in Spain?

Yes, competition is notable here. Italian manufacturers are a direct competitor, much like us. We also compete with companies from Britain, Germany, Turkey, and Italy.

What are your long-term goals, and how do you plan to achieve them?

Our medium-term goal is to expand our facilities and staff to enhance our service quality. Ultimately, our aim is to become the leading distributor of vibrators in Spain and Portugal. We have held this goal for years, striving to outperform our competitors consistently.

How did you initially make OLI known in Spain 16 years ago?

Initially, it involved extensive travel to raise brand awareness, as OLI was relatively unknown. We focused on major clients and increasing product visibility. Support from Italian marketing efforts and word-of-mouth in what was then a smaller sector also played crucial roles. Today, OLI is a well-recognized name across Spain.