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How to prevent accumulation in pet food manufacturing?

OLI is operating in the food industry with systems that facilitate the discharge of a large amount of powders and granules used in the manufacturing process of different products such as flour, sugar, coffee and spices.

PS Series OLI

PS Series are electric pneumatic vibrators that produce a high impact force thanks to a single impact between the internal piston and the metal base on the walls of silos and hoppers.

They play a crucial role in the movement of powder that tends to compact under pressure or stick to walls.

The applications where they can be installed are: filter cleaning , big-bag, silos and hoppers. PS range are characterized by intermittent cycle operation, with an operating pressure of 3 to 6 bar (44~87 PSI).  The PS series are available in three different sizes suitable for silos with different thicknesses.


Download the complete catalogue of the Flow Aids.


Download the complete catalogue of the flow aids.

Flow Aids - F series Food Industry

F-series generates linear vibration thanks to the movement of a floating piston and are an excellent alternative to magnetic vibrators for conveying applications such as small channels or vibrating feeders.

Each product is designed to provide maximum reliability and resistance over time and no maintenance is required.To meet different application needs, F products are available in various shapes, sizes and materials.It is possible to apply additional masses to the piston to modify the frequency and developed force.

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