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concrete mve 290-6 olivibra

Sprawling through the Roads of Dubai, one can only be amazed at the pace at which an entire city has come alive in between a desert. A few Kilometres away from Downtown Dubai are various reputed real estate developers, that have started to thrive gaining a reputation for themselves as premium luxury builders in the real estate sector.

“FINISHING”- The one word by which one can differentiate the premium developers from the rest. Ensuring that the final quality isn’t compromised, and meeting demanding deadlines are critical factors to judge reputed developers.

The Same word can be applied to determine if the casting and curing process has followed the highest standards.

During the production process of concrete, several problems can occur– and you do not want that. As a concrete producer, you know that a smooth concrete surface without surface voids is desired. Unfortunately, this problem is one of the main issues in the precast concrete industries. Pinholes and air bubbles are described as surface voids, small holes that have an unfavorable effect on the concrete surface.

When the surface voids become too big, the concrete requires to have remedial work carried out on the surface to ensure compliance with the relevant specifications. This is waste of time, materials, and money.

OLI, have been playing a small but an important part in ensuring Deadlines are met using their MVE 290-6 , known in the construction world as SHUTTER VIBRATORS or FORMWORK VIBRATORS, and that can be easily moved and fixed to the formworks present on site for the best external finishing by clearing out voids. Even though it may seem at first sight as a simple process, there’s more to it that meets the eye. With various pouring times, changing operators & different design structures at 5 different locations, OLI was able to provide a complete solution with the MVE 290-6 to run across 5 sites with the help of the 3 and 4 outlet converters CMT55 and CMT85 along with the MSP extension boxes.

The Use of extension boxes MSP ensured that the total purchase was well below the planned budget and allowing the operators to run upto 7 units of MVE 290-6 with only 1 converter of CMT85. When compared with other brands that were providing the same solution, OLI prices were at 1/3rd that of the closest competitors. Another key factor on choosing OLI was the delivery timelines that were met due to the availability of stock in OLI’s Warehouse in Dubai.


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With Safety being the most important aspect at any site, the MVE 290-6 runs at 42V giving 6000rpm, thus allowing there is no compromise in the quality of compaction. Weighing a total of 9kg the movable clamp CLW and CLS and the, the operators were at ease to move them from one point to another based on the progress of the pouring.

OLI MIDDLE EAST were also involved in the training of the operators and the foremen on the placement and correct fixing procedures on the Wooden and steel Formworks. Based on the Forecast provided on the future site requirements, OLI have also added to their fleet 1 Phase Control Panel Options along with the existing 3 phase converters.


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