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10 minutes with Carolin Knobl

Interview with Carolin Knobl GM OLI Germany

Q: You’ve been with OLI Germany for quite a while. What’s it like being part of this group, especially given its significance in such a competitive market?

A: Being part of OLI Germany for 13 years is like being part of a family. As one of the oldest OLI subsidiaries, we operate in a very competitive market that includes many competitors and demanding customers. This creates a high-pressure environment but also offers great potential. The responsibility of operating in one of the most crucial markets in the world is significant, and I deeply value the strong relationships I have built with my team.

Q: Does the competition in Poland mirror what you see in Germany?

A: Yes, the competition in Poland is similar to what we face in Germany. Although Poland retains its own currency, the Zloty, it is part of the European Community, which influences market dynamics. OLI operates there as an exclusive dealer.

Q: What are the main market sectors for OLI products?

A: The primary sectors are mining, construction, and the chemical industry, in that order. Each sector presents its own set of competitors, especially in products like concrete vibrators where the competition is intense.

Q: What are OLI Germany’s goals in such a competitive landscape?

A: Our long-term goal is to be a leader in every sector for each product. This includes ambitious objectives, like capturing a significant market share, outperforming the competition, and achieving potential revenues up to 50 million. It’s an ambitious but attainable target, and we have a strong team!

Q: How does OLI enhance its market presence in Germany?

A: We’ve built our presence through direct engagement such as phone calls and site visits, participation in fairs, targeted advertising in magazines, and digital strategies like Google Ads managed by our marketing team in Italy. We also actively use LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

Q: What originally brought you to OLI?

A: I joined OLI through a university job advertisement for a sales assistant position while pursuing my bachelor’s degree. After graduating, I seized the opportunity to start my career here immediately.

Q: Looking ahead, how do you see the future for OLI Germany and other subsidiaries?

A: Our main focus will continue to be on production efficiency and professionalizing our organization. Despite our growth, we face challenges in maintaining an optimal organizational structure. We plan to continuously improve this aspect and are also working to strengthen our internal departments such as accounting, warehousing, and sales to better support our operations.