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Interview with the General Manager of OLI Turkey

How many employees do you have in OLI Turkey and Wam?

“In OLI Turkey, we have approximately 12 employees, while in Wam, we have 118.”

What are the prospects for OLI Turkey in the coming years?

“My personal goal is to start some production in Turkey, beginning with assemblies, if the corporate agrees. Otherwise, we will continue with trading activities. We foresee a 40% growth over the next five years.”

Are there any long-term revenue targets?

“For now, our goal is a 40% increase in revenue by the end of the year.”

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Which sector faces the most competition in Turkey, Concrete or Vibration?

“In Turkey, competition is strong, with many local manufacturers, although they are not in the same quality range. There are also products imported from Italy, China, and other European countries. Some competitors offer good quality products; they are not all of low quality.”

How have you promoted the OLI brand in Turkey despite the strong competition?

“We have sales representatives covering almost all cities. Turkey is divided into industrial zones, so entering one of these zones provides access to all the companies within it. We start by making a list of the industrial zones and decide which companies to visit. A salesperson makes about 5-6 visits a day, explaining who we are, our strengths, and why to choose OLI.”

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How did you come to hold your current position in OLI?

“I joined when the company was already incorporated in Turkey. After OLI was acquired by Wam, they decided to separate the two companies and follow different paths, and thus I found myself in this position.”

What are your daily activities?

“I mainly deal with finance, accounting, and production. We currently manage a warehouse of approximately 18,000 square meters and another one across the street of about 15,000 square meters, for a total of 33,000 square meters with significant production.”

Which sector is the fastest growing in Turkey at the moment?

“The construction sector, particularly concrete and asphalt, and the milling sector, although to a lesser extent compared to the food sector.”

What is it like being the General Manager of OLI Turkey and Wam?

“It is a position I manage quite well. The biggest challenge is dealing with people, as everyone has their own character and personal issues.”