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Energy Sector : Why companies choose OLI

Why companies choose OLI? Energy sector industrial vibrator

OLI Vibrators are manufactured, tested, and assembled to be used in thermal power plants that are supplied with both fossil energy resources and renewable energy sources, to ensure maximum efficiency in applications such as: loading hoppers, channels, and vibrating extractors, also used in the collection of waste such as ash from furnaces.

The MVE range of OLI industrial vibrators have been designed specifically for the energy sector, and expanded compared to the past, for all market needs.


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What are the main features of this product family?

Taking the EXE version of the range as an example, MVE-Ex are safer electric motor vibrators designed specifically for applications in the energy production sector. Available in 2, 4, 6, 8, poles, they are suitable for use with frequency converters and have a centrifugal force ranging from 50 to 10,000 kg, mechanically adjustable in each model.

MVE-Exes are the only engine range suitable for applications in the presence of ALL types of potentially explosive gases (from methane to hydrogen).

The applications where we can find them are the following: vibrating feeders, trucks and industrial vehicles, vibrating extractors for silos and hoppers, vibrating bottoms for silos, fluid beds, filter cleaning, circular sieves, for the emptying of silos, hoppers and tubes.

They consist of an electric motor housed in a body of aluminum or resistant steel.

The advantages of MVE-Exe are multiple: they are resistant to corrosion, water, and moisture, and are ATEX certified.

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