Covibra celebrates its 25th anniversary with the opening of the new headquarters in Parma

Covibra festeggia 25 anni

„On this day we are not just celebrating the inauguration of the new plant, but we are honoring the 25th anniversary since Covibra’s foundation. I am honored to have got this far and to have been able to share all these years with you.

Covibra was established in the Nineties thanks to the experience gained and with the trust of those who were already in this sector. It then went on to be a company specializing in the production and marketing of pneumatic vibration systems for concrete compaction.

I can’t deny the concern and risk ahead of me, but I was convinced it was the right decision to take. These have been difficult and demanding years. Yet, they have also been exciting and, day after day, they have enabled us to help a new business grow and become an important supplier for many firms and industrial groups, especially abroad compared to Italy.

This long journey has given us all the opportunity to tackle a global dimension, with construction standards increasingly aiming for perfection and constantly changing issues, where our intervention served as a support and was often even strategic to create durable public works, such as the high-speed stretch between Milan and Bologna, the new underground lines in Milan, New York, Paris, Beijing and many other countries.

Thus, partnership requests and job opportunities grew as well.

At Covibra we have always given top priority to the quality of our products and the study of cutting-edge vibration systems. We have always challenged ourselves to improve both our products and business relations in order to always guarantee efficiency and quality results when using our vibrators.

Now that we are part of an international Group like OLI, with personnel able to meet any manufacturing and sales challenge, we feel ready for a new journey and entrepreneurial future.“

Paolo Cantoni


„Thanks to Covibra’s experience in the construction sector and the manufacturing and sales potential of OLI Group, our objective is to become a global concrete compaction benchmark.

The results attained so far, the will to bring innovation to the sector, the desire to improve customer satisfaction and the constant commitment to improve are the most significant aspects that will lead us to achieve the objectives set.“

Luca Gilioli