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OLI Vibrators is the subsidiary of OLI in the Australian territory, which is present in the market since 2009. Thanks to its General Manager, Mark Thompson, and his team, the OLI Australia network has greatly expanded over time, and now OLI is known throughout the nation and its neighboring regions.

Our branch in Melbourne covers Australia, New Zealand, and Tasmania areas.

When the flow of material gets stuck, give it a good shake to loosen it up, mate!

For donkey’s years, the need to store bulk material has been a bit of a problem – how to get it out of the storage vessel, ya know? Common issues include bridging, ratholing, clinging, and arching. Once ya got a blockage, it’s bloody essential to remove it to keep the production going. One of the first things an operator will do is try to dislodge it, somehow. In the past, folks have used techniques like water and air lances, silo cleanout equipment, shot gun blasts, and even dynamite to get rid of the material blockage. But the most common way to get rid of it over the years has been the good old sledgehammer.

Having lived with these storage flow problems for yonks, we’ve come up with new techniques to reduce ’em and tackle storage flow problems before a blockage happens.

OLI Vibrators Australia makes top-notch vibrators to prevent bin and hopper flow problems, as well as rotary electric vibratory drives for industrial processing equipment.

Applying vibratory drives to processing equipment has been widely accepted across industries Down Under, mainly to boost production throughput and cut operational costs. The most common applications include conveying or feeding, screening, draining, dewatering, product sizing, compaction, testing of components, as well as bin, hopper, and chute evacuation.

So, if ya choose OLI Australia, you can bet on reliable and cutting-edge solutions to optimize material flow in your production process, mate! It’ll ensure maximum operational efficiency and give ya a leg up in your industry. Cheers!

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 continuous impacting OR SINGLE IMPACT?
Flow aids series vibrators are great for moving damp and sticky material from hoppers and down chutes.
OLI models were developed to remove ‘skins’, as in spray dryers, from hopper walls.
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