Foot mounted electric vibrators


OLI Vibrators is the subsidiary of OLI in the Australian territory, which is present in the market since 2009. Thanks to its General Manager, Mark Thompson, and his team, the OLI Australia network has greatly expanded over time, and now OLI is known throughout the nation and its neighboring regions.

Our branch in Melbourne covers Australia, New Zealand, and Tasmania areas.

With decades of industry-leading experience in the vibration technology sector, OLI has become Australia’s trusted provider of customised vibration solutions. Every product in OLI’s diverse range has been meticulously designed to meet the demands of the Australian market. Thanks to our team of specialised engineers, our reliable and safety-oriented solutions are used across numerous sectors in Australia. At OLI, our primary focus is on electric vibrating motors, manufactured with precision by our ‘Industrial Vibrators’ division. Our products are known across Australia for their efficiency and reliability.

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