OLI offers specialised system components tailored to the specific requirements of project engineers of plants in various sectors. By selecting this specialised equipment, system designers have the assurance they will combine top quality and performance with the highest possible operating efficiency.

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MVE Standard Range

MVE-DC Direct current

MVE-Exe Increased Safety Range

MVE-F Flanged Vibrators

MVE-FD Flanged Drive

MVE-HF – External high frequency electric vibrating motors

S – Pneumatic rotational vibrator – Ball

U – Fluidization nozzles

PG – Air cannons

MVO – Hydraulic vibrators

OR – Pneumatic rotational vibrators – roller

F – Pneumatic adjustable piston vibrators

OT – Pneumatic rotational vibrators – turbine

P – Continuous impact linear vibrators

PS – Hammers

I100 – Fluidization pads

K – Pneumatic linear cushioned vibrators

VBS – Vibro aerators for silos and hoppers

VBT – Vibro aerators for silotrailers

EWO – High frequency internal vibrators with built-in converter

CM – Frequency and voltage converters

CONTROL PANEL – Electronic frequency converter

MSP-4 – Multiple socket panel

VH – Internal electric vbrators

VHA – Internal pneumatic vibrators

VHPG – Internal high frequency vibrator with pistol grip

CL and CR – Fastening systems

HFP – High frequency pneumatic vibrators

VISAM Electric Motovibrators Range

OWC – Rubber Oscillating Suspension