OLI offers a range of specific components custom designed and manufactured for the particular requirements of industrial system planners in various sectors. Choosing our products, system planners are assured of combined excellent quality and top-level performance in operating efficiency.

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MVE Standard Range

MVE-DC Direct current

MVE-Exe Increased Safety Range

MVE-F Flanged Vibrators

MVE-FD Flanged Drive

MVE-HF – External high frequency electric vibrating motors

S – Pneumatic rotational vibrator – Ball

U – Fluidization nozzles

PG – Air cannons

MVO – Hydraulic vibrators

OR – Pneumatic rotational vibrators – roller

F – Pneumatic adjustable piston vibrators

OT – Pneumatic rotational vibrators – turbine

P – Continuous impact linear vibrators

PS – Hammers

I100 – Fluidization pads

K – Pneumatic linear cushioned vibrators

VBS – Vibro aerators for silos and hoppers

VBT – Vibro aerators for silotrailers

EWO – High frequency internal vibrators with built-in converter

CM – Frequency and voltage converters

CONTROL PANEL – Electronic frequency converter

MSP-4 – Multiple socket panel

VH – Internal electric vbrators

VHA – Internal pneumatic vibrators

VHPG – Internal high frequency vibrator with pistol grip

CL and CR – Fastening systems

HFP – High frequency pneumatic vibrators

VISAM Electric Motovibrators Range

OWC – Rubber Oscillating Suspension

The building and construction sector is one of the main fields of application of vibration technology. OLI offers specific ranges for use in concrete production, for the processing of chemical additives for building pre-mixed products, for application on systems for the production of asphalt, cement, lime and gypsum.

OLI is also used in the ceramic field, in production processes for tile manufacturing and in particular for operations such as emptying hoppers and storage silos or transport and sieving of powder.

For building site use, OLI proposes a concrete consolidation range (vibrating needles) to consolidate concrete casts, improving strength, hold of the metal cages and duration over time.