Google Report OLI

Website visits from January to November 2023

Since the beginning of the year up to today, the site has accumulated 58.5K clicks and 1.92 million impressions about the world. The page with the highest number of interactions and views is our homepage, with 20.352 clicks and 900K impressions.

Page Analytics

With the arrival of the new Google Analytics, there is the possibility to analyze visits and user behavior in detail. GA4, as it’s called, recorded a 34.8% increase in visits over the year to our Web Apps and a very high volume of new user registrations.

WebApps OLI : Finder, Calculator, Virtual Show.

Total Views Analysis are 367k, of which:
OLI WebApps ->Views 109k
OLI Homepage ->Views 45k
OLI Do Brasil – Vibrador Industrial (Product Page) ->Views 29k
Facilitadores de Fluxo | Portugal (Product Page) ->Views 18k
Vibration du bétons | Olivibra (Product Page) ->Views 13k

Google Views by APP

Where do the contacts come from?

On which page did they request information? These are the data from the last 6 months. We know where they came from and which products they have viewed.

Throughout the year, the website has generated 1261 contacts. These users have requested information about our products, sought contact, or a quote, and in some cases, downloaded catalogs with the latest automated procedures.

User acquisition: Channel (Jan / Nov)

The website visits are divided into “Direct” which includes those who have the link saved, such as our colleagues or dealers; “Paid Search” visitors coming from ads like Google Ads or portals; “Organic” and purely organic visitors who have searched for our products on the web.

Display visits refer to the number of times your ad or content has been viewed on websites, apps, or other third-party platforms included in the display network of an advertising service, such as the Google Display Network. These visits do not necessarily imply a specific interaction or action by the user on your site but represent the display of your ad or advertising content.

Total User Acquisition: 139K of which
-> Direct contact: 52K
-> Paid Search: 36K
-> Organic Search: 28K
-> Display: 17K
-> Referral: 4K

Where are our users connecting from?

From this summary map, we can see the countries of our users. It’s an important analysis regarding language and keywords.

In this map, we can see where the most active users are connecting from. The countries in the darker shade of blue are the most prominent on the site.

Global submissions from website & Trend on SAP : Y 2021 / 2023 (september)

We have a strong digital activity in 2021 influenced by the global pandemic situation. This led to a significant increase in website visits and requests through the site’s webforms. In the following years, requests coming from the website continued to rise, and in 2023, with data up to September, we see a further increase in commercial requests from users worldwide. An additional increase in site visibility and growth is expected for 2024. The chart shows the total request data and filters using SAP data related to branches and the Corporate. Finally, a brief analysis is carried out using customer demographics present in SAP.


In the year 2023 up to November, we received:

  • 117k views on Google with campaigns
  • 36k views on specific pages, with a 5.25% engagement rate on our content.
  • 6k clicks that resulted in a conversion rate between 2 and 3%.
Google Ads 2023
Hubspot Exhibitions

Digital Visitor Book: The leads collected at the trade show

We started at Bauma 2022 by introducing a digital scanner for the leads who visited our booth. The peaks in the graph pertain to the Bauma fair in October, and in April, the combined events of Concrete Show in the UK and Solids in Germany. With the digital Visitor Book, we have a real-time estimate of visitor trends at the fair and can send them an automatic email at the end of the event.

Linkedin Analysis followers

On LinkedIn, our Corporate page has 3246 followers, and throughout 2023, we acquired 855 new followers.

  • 21% are sales
  • 14% operations sector
  • 12% technical and engineering
  • 6% IT department
  • 4% marketing



Our new project is called ‘OLI BOT’, an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot in beta version. It’s learning about our products, specifically the MVE standard range from 2 to 8 poles. It has learned the frequencies of 50Hz and 60Hz, as well as the working moments of our standard MVEs. It can make comparisons between MVEs and display the data in a table.

Ask the bot what an MVE 200/3 is, or what the standard certifications are! Try it!



E-commerce Project

In the new projects signed by OLI, there is an e-commerce beta test in the pipeline for 2024, with the launch on Amazon.

Amazon allows starting with small pilot projects, introducing a few products, and also provides logistics and stock services for small businesses.


What is Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)?

ESG is an acronym for Environmental, Social, and Governance.ESG takes the holistic view that sustainability extends beyond just environmental issues.

The marketing will focus on certain aspects outlined in the ESG program, such as:

> Formalization of an annual plan for donations/sponsorships/social and cultural initiatives.

> Implementation of the Corporate Network


Sustainability OLI