OLI offers Flow Aids for increased process efficiency and improved plant safety. The product range is divided into Aerator Pads and Nozzles, Vibro-Aerators, Air Cannons, Combined Hammer Blasters, Pneumatic Linear Vibrators and Pneumatic Rotary Vibrators.

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Over 50 years’ experience in researching materials management solutions makes OLI the ideal partner for all sector companies. A team of specialists is available to clients to design and implement the most suitable solutions for each type of application and material on the market.

OLI analyses the overall problems, starting with the type of powder to manage, up to environmental conditions and process type. However, the client’s needs are always the centre of attention.

OLI’s global sales network assists clients at local level in over 50 countries ensuring deliveries of products are available directly from subsidiary warehouses.

Why use flow aids?

Due to their specific characteristics, many powder-based materials, when stored in silos, wagons, pipelines, tubing, tanks and other containers, tend to stick to the surface.

Every small change in outlet, a rough surface, bends, particularly narrow angles and physical properties of the materials can slow down product flow, thereby generating waste.

Flow aids are designed to solve problems caused by design errors or by the specific characteristics of the materials in powder or granules, thereby increasing process efficiency and improving system safety.

Olivibra Calculator: an online calculator for flow aids

To provide complete customer service, OLI has created an application with a step-by-step guide for product selection suitable for every project. What are the benefits of using our application?

  • It is available online wherever the client might be
  • It is updated in real time
  • It is available in multiple languages