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OLI Vibro VBS Aerator

The OLI VBS range of aerators are specifically designed to keep dry, fine and granular powders stored inside silos and hoppers in a fluid state so at the time of discharge the problem of bridging and ratholing is almost eliminated.

The OLI range of bin aerators have been developed to eradicate the many problems associated with storage, transportation and conveying of fine powders, ingredients and spices in the food and cement industry.

Often in silos and hoppers where any fine particle ingredients are stored, the problem of product bridging, ratholing and blocking is of major concern and presents production downtime and costly laborious effort to clear, as well as wear and tear on the storage vessel.

Within the OLI aerator range are low air consumption, no maintenance and compact aerators that keep the easily compacted powders or grains light and fluid by introducing very slight air and vibration so when the time comes to discharge from the silo or hopper the product flow is improved immensely creating time and labour savings.

All the OLI VBS aerators are constructed using a food grade silicone membrane with aluminium, nylon or food and pharmaceutical grade stainless steel stems according to the application.

OLI can provide aerators where high temperatures are generated in continuous or discontinuous duty and have metal detectable properties where contamination is of the greatest concern. All the range is available in standard or micro size. The OLI aerators can be fitted in the vessel manufacturing process, at the time of empty out or a retrofit kit is also available for an easy fit option.

OLI Vibrators have applied years of research and customer input into developing this premium European VBS aerator range that comes with local supply and after sales service and succeeds in satisfying the needs of food manufacturers, powder and grain transporters and anybody that looks for an effective and economical solution to a very common problem.


  • Lower operating pressure
  • Reduced air consumption
  • Unique high efficiency design
  • Comprehensive product range
  • Retrofit design
  • Interchangeable with other aerator makes
  • Quick installation
  • Food-grade


  • Rectangular External mounting kit for VBS.
  • High temperature membrane version 235°C.
  • Metal Detectable membrane version.
  • External mounting Mini VBS.

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