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Oli Vibrators K Type LF linear pneumatic vibrator

The K Type LF cushioned vibrator by Oli Vibrators is designed for use on hopper silos, vibrating feeders, compaction tables and channel lines. Its lightweight anodised aluminium body and lubrication-free design provides longevity of performance in challenging environments. Its linear force enables the detachment of hygroscopic and granular materials, and the compaction of dustier products. The K Type vibrator is a versatile pneumatic vibrator, with a working temperature range of -20°C up to 130°C and an operating pressure of 2.0 bar to 6.0 bar.

The K Type linear vibrator assists in moving product in many environments, including plastic, food, chemical or construction. Its variable frequency and transference of the required force, alongside its compact design, make it suitable for difficult and hard-to-get-at applications. The linear vibrator provides efficient air consumption and comes in a range of five sizes, including Models K15LF, K22LF, K30LF, K45LF and K60LF.